Cold War and the Wall

Cold War and the Wall

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Cold War and the Wall

Just as World War II ended, Berlin became a focal point for a new war. In no other city in the world, Soviets and Americans camped so close to each other; and although Germany as a whole was divided, no other place in Germany symbolizes the division like the Berlin Wall. We offer several routes for Cold War/Wall tours. There is much more to this chapter in History than Check-point Charlie and the remains of the Wall. The Friedrichstrasse crossing point was much more important than Checkpoint Charlie. The latter was intended for foreigners and diplomats, whereas regular Berliners – West Berliners – who came to visit their families in the east used to arrive by train, and they entered East Berlin at the Friedrichstraße train station. The passport control station got the nickname “the Palace of Tears”, a tragic farewell place for many people from their loved ones. We would visit the main Berlin-Wall memorial, a site where not only a piece of the wall itself was kept, but also some sections of the no-man’s land – "the death strip" – including one of the guard-towers. It is the site where some famous tunnels under the wall were dug. We will discuss some attempts to flee to freedom and more importantly, will understand and see its impact on the lives of people from both sides. You will also hear some spying stories about the ways both sides kept a tag on each other, and how East Germany became, as Anna Funder calls it, "Stasiland".

Included Sites*

  • Friedrich Street Control Station and the Palace of Tears Museum.
  • The Berlin Wall Memorial with original pieces of the No-Man’s Land – “The death Strip”
  • Original Piece of the Berlin Wall and one of the Guard Towers
  • Church or Reconciliation and the Memorial to the victims of the Berlin Wall
  • The sites of the famous 57-Tunnel below the Berlin Wall
  • The Reichstag and the White Crosses Memorial
  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Ghost Stations where trains didn’t stop
  • Museum in der Kulturbrauerei – Life under the GDR dictatorship
  • Stasi Museum at the site of the former headquarters of the Stasi (GDR secret police)
  • Karl Marx Allee – the main Avenue of East Berlin

*  The above is a suggestion. All our Tours are tailor-made and the exact itinerary depends on your time and interests. The order of the sites may change depending on your selected starting point.

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Cold War and The Wall
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Cold War and The Wall
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Cold War and The Wall
  • 5 hour tour
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