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Why Berlin?

Berlin is considered today to be one of the most exciting cities in the world. Its history passes through the most important phases of modern history; and its present is an exhilarating combination of avant-garde culture, complex identity issues and preservation of historical landmarks. Berlin, like no other city, stands for the main events of the 20th Century; it was the capital of the Third Reich and the atrocities of the Nazi regime and it exemplifies the Cold War, which divided the world for over 40 years.

Why us?

We are experienced, qualified, educated academics that guide for years out of passion to the city and love for people and history. We have been ranked top 5 TripAdvisor tour-companies for 6 years consecutively.


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3-5 Hours

Berlin Highlights Tour

From Museum Island to Brandenburger Gate. From Gendarmenmarkt, considered to be the most beautiful square in Berlin, to Check-Point Charlie. See all of the most important sites and learn more about the history behind them.

3-5 Hours

Jewish Heritage Tours

From Moses Mendelssohn to Albert Einstein, Berlin was home to a very interesting and successful Jewish community. Learn how Jews came to Berlin and how they began to integrate in the surrounding society. Hear more about Jewish history in Berlin before, during and after the Holocaust.

3-5 Hours

Cold War and The Wall

During the Cold War, Berlin became THE symbol of the division of the world between the Free World and the Communist World. See the Berlin Wall and the No-Man's-Land and understand more about life under the police-state of the German "Democratic" Republic.

3-5 Hours

Alternative and Street Art

In recent years Berlin became the center for alternative life-style attracting the younger generation, artists musicians and performers. See the cool areas of Berlin, experience its street art and multiculturalism.

3-5 Hours

Culinary Berlin

Berlin is a melting pot of people from different places. Discover the tastes and flavors of Berlin through this off the beaten track tour.

3-5 Hours

The Third Reich

How could Hitler come to power? What remains of his new Chancellery and his bunker? Where was the headquarters of the SS? See the monuments to the different victim groups and hear the story of those who opposed Hitler.

6 Hours

Sachsenhausen Museum and Memorial

The Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp was built in the summer of 1936 not far from Berlin. It was designed as a model camp. Until the end of WWII more than 200,000 people were held there. We estimate that about 40,000 died from hunger, disease, maltreatment and torture by the hands of the SS.

5-6 Hours

Potsdam and Park Sanssouci

No visit to Berlin is complete without visiting Potsdam. The city of palaces and gardens, home to the Sanssouci Park, designated as a World Heritage Site. One can also visit the Cecilienhof Palace where the Potsdam Conference was held at the end of WWII.

full day tour


"Florence on the Elbe" and "the Baroque Pearl of Germany". These are just few of the names given to the beautiful old city of Dresden.

3-6 Hours

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