Jewish Berlin

Synagogues In Berlin

The Jewish synagogues in Berlin are divided between the different congregations, just like everywhere else. We mapped them out for your convenience and added a short summery about them. Here you can find anything there is to know about Berlins Synagogues!

Tiferet Jisrael

Address: Tiferet Jisrael, Passauer Strasse 4 Train: U Wittenbergplatz Rite: Orthodox Sepharadi Services: Friday night services 60 minutes before sundown in winter, 7 pm in the summer; Saturday morning services at 9:30 am, Havdalah several minutes after Shabat’s ending; weekdays: 7 am (sunday 8 am) for Shacharit; M’ariw 60 min. before sundown in wintertime; 7 pm in summertime Rabbi: Reuven Yaakobov Notes: The only Sepharadi minyan in Berlin


Address: Rykestrasse 53 Train: U Senefelderplatz also Tram M2 Rite: Conservative/Liberal Services: Friday night services at 6 pm in winter, 7pm in the summer; Saturday morning services at 9.30 am; no weekday services Rabbi: no rabbi Notes: Separate seating for men and women

Chabad Lubawitsch Berlin e.V.

Address: Chabad, Münstersche Str. 6 Train: U Konstanzer Str. Rite: Orthodox Chassidic (Chabad) Services: Friday night services sunset; Saturday morning services at 10 am, Havdalah sunset; weekdays: 7:30 am (sunday 8:30 am) for Shacharit; M’ariw at sunset Rabbi: Yehuda Teichtal Notes: Chabad community centre also has its own restaurant and Mikwe and offers many activities on their website

Lev Tov

Address: Lev Tov, Grolmanstraße 20 Train: S-Bahn Savignyplatz, U-Bahn U 2 Deutsche Oper, M49 Savignyplatz Rite: Orthodox Services: weeday and Shabbbbavices on their website Rabbi: Chajm Rozwaski Notes: every Friday, between 9 a.m and 2 p.m, there is a sale of Challahs, Rogelach, and other baked goods for Saturday, at the Synagogue.

Adass Jisroel

Address: Adass Jisroel, Tucholskystraße 40 Train: S Oranienburger Str. Rite: Ultra-Orthodox Services: Rabbi: Notes: Adass Jisroel requests reservation before arriving (4930) 281-3135

Zentrale Orthodoxe Synagoge Berlin

Address: Joachimstaler Strasse 13 Train: U 15 or U 9 to Kurfürstendamm, U/S-Bahn Zoologischer Garten Rite:Orthodox (Askenasi liturgy) Services: Friday night services after sundown; Saturday morning services at 9.30 am; Weekday Shacharith at 8 am, Monday to Friday 7.30 am. Mincha / Maariv: 30 minutes before nightfall. Rabbi: Yitzhak Ehrenberg Notes: Women usually sit in a separate Ezrat Neshim behind the men; in high holidays above the men in a larger Ezrat Neshim ; the place also has a Mikwe and holds events for the Jewish Students Union Website: Joachimstaler Str. Synagogue