The Weather in Berlin

The Weather in Berlin

The Weather in Berlin tends to be mild but at the same time it is quite difficult to predict.  Nevertheless, there are some general characteristics that can help you prepare for your visit.

Berlin lies on what is known as the ‘Northern European Plateau’, on which the Netherlands and Belgium also lie. The area around Berlin is therefore flat, almost entirely on sea-level. However, the proximity to the northern and Baltic Sea means that it is prone to cold winds arriving from the north. 

Napoleon famously said that Berlin has half a year winter and half a year ‘not-summer’. Jokes aside, the summer in recent years was quite nice and warm. No reason for complaints. 


In the summer temperatures usually oscillate between 15°-25° Celsius equivalent to 59°-77° Fahrenheit. 

Temperatures can nevertheless rise to 35° Celsius or even higher, equivalent to 95° Fahrenheit or even over a 100° Farnham. This kind of extreme heat does not happen every year and usually for a few days only.  

In the winter temperatures usually oscillate between -2° – +4° Celsius, equivalent to 29° – 40° Fahrenheit. Still, temperatures call fall much lower up to -25° Celsius or -13° Fahrenheit. These freezing temperatures are quite unusual especially in recent years when winters have been very mild.


Berlin obtains an average 590 mm, 23.3 in, of rainfall yearly. This rainfall is spread over both winter and summer months. Rainfall in the summer months tends to be more intense but also brief. 

We suggest not to rely on the forecast for more than 2 days ahead. Forecast tends to change frequently, so even if it seems that it may rain on your tour date, this may well change. 

 Clothing Recommendations

If you are not used to cold weather, we would recommend the following winter clothing:

  • Wearing layers is usually better than just a thin shirt and a heavy coat.
  • Wear closed shoes rather than tennis shoes. 
  • Use thick socks.
  • A good scarf and a good quality knit hat/cap or toque are very advisable. 

 If you plan on going on a guided tour it is best to wear extra warm clothes. You may not be cold at first but after a few hours outside it feels much colder and it is difficult to enjoy a tour if you are cold.