The African Diaspora in Berlin

The African Diaspora in Berlin

Past – Present and Future: Places where you can find African heritage sites in Berlin

When most people think of Berlin from afar, they might think of the images of the horrors of the Third Reich, the beauty of the barque palaces; of the Berlin Wall and the wild clubbing and street-art scene. These images are of course part of Berlin. 

However, people of colour are also an inseparable part of Berlin’s history and culture. In our short excursion we’ll review only a few stories – some may be more well-known than others – of the African Diaspora in Berlin, as a short tour in Berlin  There are, in fact, so many aspects to the history of the Afrodeutsche, that we have divided this article to parts! 

Afrodeutsch is the term today to refer to Germans of African, Afro-Caribbean or African-American origin. In the past, there had been many terms, some of which are considered today offensive. We’ll try to stick to the term Afrodeutsch in our articles. 

From the annual Kenako Afrika Festival in Alexanderplaty (credit : the organizers)